Helping you to Speak with Impact to the World !

United Presentations

Ok so you are (for example) Spanish ! You have a very important business meeting to attend in Tokyo next week where you are required to give a presentation to approximately 200 business people from Russia, China, Egypt and Singapore (to name but a few). The meeting and your presentation must be conducted in English. The outcome of this event will determine the future of your company and your job.

Nervous? Who wouldn’t be?

Founded by Suzie Morgan and Sian Webber, both highly qualified and experienced drama specialists and teachers of English as a foreign language, United Presentations has been established in the UK to help non-native speakers of English working in an international context.

By combining practical proven drama techniques with English language our unique approach will give you confidence and skills to create a positive impact in even the most high pressured situations and give your English speaking vocal variety, fluency and energy so you can express yourself to your best advantage and speak with impact to the world!

What they say about us

Tomoko from Japan

‘Inspiring workshop, I truly enjoyed this innovative approach which has helped me to articulate my oral English and it also works for building up confidence. I would definitely love to do it again.'

Sonia – teacher from Spain

'It was an eye opener experience. I discovered some features of my voice which I wasn’t aware I had. By the end of the workshop I felt more confident and able to express myself with my voice.'

Raquel from Spain

'I enjoyed the workshop a lot. I felt very comfortable and learnt how you can hear your sounds, be aware of your movements, develop your skills and enjoy it !!'